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Pulsed Fiber Lasers - SharpMark

SharpLase - SharpMark Fiber

The SharpMark Fiber Series of Q-switched, pulsed laser markers has been developed based on pulsed ytterbium fiber laser technology. Consumables are not required and there is no need for maintenance.

SharpMark fiber laser markers are used in a broad range of marking or engraving applications on all types of metals, plastics, rubber and stone. The SharpMark laser marking systems are compact and typically fit on a standard work bench or are used as standalone machines.

The entire laser marking equipment offering in the SharpMark series is competitively priced. Designed and built in California using domestically sourced and manufactured components the SharpMark laser markers are truly Made in USA.

Pulsed Fiber Lasers - SharpMark
Pulsed Fiber Lasers - SharpMark Pulsed Fiber Lasers - SharpMark

Features & Benefits

  • 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W fiber laser power levels
  • Quick change of marking and engraving settings
  • Different marking settings in repeated cycles
  • Marking and engraving on flat and cylindrical surfaces
  • Inverting X and Y coordinates
  • Mark-on-fly mode
  • 3D marking
  • Basic graphics: lines, splines, sector, ellipse, rectangle, polygon
  • Supports all TrueType fonts
  • Linear and elliptical text
  • Multiline text with alignment capability
  • Objects conversion: rotation, scaling, mirroring, grouping
  • Vector mode for broad line marking
  • 3 year warranty (most models)

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