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All-Marks' laser marking systems are price competitive, state-of-the-art, and among the industry's finest.

Pulsed Fiber Lasers - AREX

Datalogic - AREX

AREX is the ultra-compact Fiber Laser that is setting a new standard for permanent laser marking.

With the smallest marking head footprint, AREX drastically simplifies design for system integrators, and makes mechanical installations extremely easy in standalone marking stations to a fully automated working center in production lines and everything in between.

State-of-the-art fiber technology provides for high speed marking on all metals and most plastic materials.

The AREX laser marker and Lighter 6 software suite allows OEMs and machine builders to develop a complete, cost effective laser marking station or to design an advanced laser marking system able to communicate over an Ethernet connection with supervisor computer (MASTER-SLAVE mode).

Pulsed Fiber Lasers - AREX
Pulsed Fiber Lasers - AREX Pulsed Fiber Lasers - AREX

Features & Benefits

  • 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W fiber laser power levels
  • Compact Scanning Head
  • Embedded Control Unit
  • Advanced Lighter 6.0 ease of use software platform
  • Flexible programming and control
  • High Power Efficiency
  • Embedded Power Supply

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