What Inspires All-Marks?

Our customers continually inspire All-Marks by requiring the finest in
laser marking equipment and laser job shop services at competitive price points.

Our Customers

Aerospace, military, medical and commercial customers continually requiring the best in laser marking equipment and job shop laser marking services inspire All-Marks.

Our Promise

We promise your total satisfaction by always providing the highest level of service, world class support, the best equipment for the task at hand and a consistently high degree of ethics, integrity and professionalism.

Our Mission

We intend to grow All-Marks into a premier, customer centric company in our industry – recognized by our customers and peers – as the standard bearer of integrity, honesty and fairness.

We have established superior operating standards and make every effort to perform our assigned task with dedication and diligence. We are responsible to our associates and our customers as well as our owners. We give back to our industry and community whenever possible.

Our Values

We practice

  • On Time Delivery
  • Competitive Value
  • Latest Technologies
  • Superior Levels of Support
  • Honesty and Integrity Above All Else

We strive for superior products in form, function and value.
We believe product aesthetics are as important as function.
We believe people are inherently good. We trust our customers and make every effort to meet or exceed their expectations for outstanding service and product performance.
It is our duty to help our customers understand laser marking system selection and ease of use.
We expect to earn a reasonable profit.

Our Vision is what we want to be;
Our Mission is what we do;
Our Values teach us how.

  • AS9100:2009, Rev. C
  • ISO 9001:2008

We at Focused Energy Processes purchased our laser marking machine from All-Marks about two years ago. The machine and program we received from them are perfect for our manufacturing needs, allowing us to quickly laser mark heat and lot numbers as well as marking our fully assembled products. The laser marks always come out clean, precise and exactly where we want them. Where All-Marks really stands out though is the customer service they provide. Any issues that have arisen with the laser are quickly resolved thanks to the genuine care and knowledge Scott provides. I could not recommend All-Marks enough.

Dan Stevens
Focused Energy Processes

This letter is my attempt to acknowledge that Scott Wolfson and All-Marks Laser is one-of-a-kind. Scott, and his organization, has proven to be premier vendor and friend. He goes way above the usual in customer service and providing advice. He becomes a part of your company once you buy a machine from him and you never feel left out to dry. If you need his products and services, I promise that you will enjoy many years of Quality Support and Friendship. Please call me if you need a professional referral.

Best Regards,
Jack McDevitt
General Manager
Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc.

"Outstanding product support and training before and after the sale. The quality of the laser marking is absolutely excellent."

Robin R.
NiPro Optics

All-Marks, LLC is one of our best vendors. All-Marks:

  • makes all deliveries on time
  • offers superb customer support and
  • offers lighting fast turn-around times.

Their staff is friendly and very easy to deal with. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.

Todd Haroutunian - Engineer
Measure Tech Inc.

What can we say about All-Marks ... they have done it all! We met Adam & Scott at a trade show years ago, gathering information in case we ever needed a laser marking company; thinking to ourselves it's always good to have vendors in your Rolodex. Fast forward 5 years and what a relationship we have formed. They have taken care of our orders as if they were all expedites, but more so they take care of you like you are family. When you work with All-Marks you work with people who care not only about getting the product back to you in a timely manner, but the quality of your product. They take the extra steps during the process that you may ask yourself why they're asking, but it's because they know their process and want to make sure you are satisfied the first time, every time!

Thank you All-Marks for everything you have done and we look forward to our continued relationship! And thank you for giving us the opportunity to brag about you!!

Jessica Lazio
Quality Manager
Long-Lok Corporation

ALL-MARKS has helped in so many ways – they have done job shop laser marking for us with better than on time delivery. The Laser machines they sell are great – 100% great equipment and with world class support. Always there when needed.


We had been monitoring laser machine costs for some time and when we decided it was time to make the purchase, All-Marks truly make the process a breeze. Many companies tried to oversell us on features and extra services we really didn’t need. All-Marks came on-site not only to see our current processes, but brought a machine with them to demo its capabilities and even let us try on our sample parts. They quickly identified a machine that could handle our requirements and really helped take our marking process to the next level without breaking the bank. When we decided to actually make the purchase, they worked with us every step of the way even past the installation. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the products and services All-Marks offers and highly recommend them for your next laser purchase.

Scott Brickey - IT Director
Advanced Clutch Technology

Scott Wolfson and All-Marks have provided us with incredible customer service and technical support for our 3 laser marking systems. These laser markers have been extremely reliable and are very user friendly. We use them in an automated environment where they run almost constantly, and they have been rock solid. I would highly recommend All-Marks for any laser marking applications.

Adam Kellada – Mechanical Engineer
Del West Engineering