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For the Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving of PVC materials, the AD PVC iQ has been specifically designed for the safe removal of particulate and fumes generated when laser processing PVC. Specially coated internal contact parts, dual layer carbon filter and HCL specific sensing of the exhausted air have been designed into the AD PVC iQ laser fume extractor.

The AD PVC iQ extraction system has been designed to effectively deal with the corrosive nature of the fumes generated when laser marking PVC materials.

The latest design specification now offers many of the features associated with our “Best in Class” AD Oracle iQ model as standard. In addition, all internally exposed surfaces have been coated to resist the corrosive nature of the fumes and each unit is fitted with HCL and VOC sensors which continually monitor the exhaust air of the unit providing additional safety assurance.

The iQ Operating System.

The iQ Operating System performs at two distinct levels:

  1. Operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real time information and
  2. The system also provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.

The iQ system takes performance and safety parameters to a new level and ensures that maintenance downtime and ownership costs are kept to a minimum.


Features & Benefits

  • iQ Operating System
  • HCL and VOC gas sensors
  • Automatic flow control
  • ‘Easi-Seal’ filter location mechanism
  • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v) for global use
  • Reverse Flow filter technology
  • Turbine with high airflow and pressure
  • Acid Resistant coatings
  • Compact design
  • ACF technology
  • Low noise levels
  • High contrast display
  • Real time airflow reading
  • Independent filter condition monitoring
  • Filter status warnings
  • ‘Run safe’ operation
  • Remote diagnostics via USB
  • Optional Features
  • Remote stop / start interface
  • Filter change / System fail signal

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