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Laser Fume Booth

All-Marks - Laser Fume Booth

The LFB-3072 Laser Marker Enclosure has been designed to be a self-contained and optionally portable device where a class 4 laser marker can be installed and operated safely within the confines of a manufacturing facility. The design and configuration of this enclosure should be discussed with in-plant safety engineers for approval prior to purchase.

Laser Fume Booth
Laser Fume Booth

Features & Benefits

  • 30”D x 72”W x 46”H booth area (approximate)
  • Laser curtain top panel
  • laser barrier curtain rated at 250W/cm2
  • 48” wide interior light fixture
  • Industrial grade locking caster wheels on each corner for portability (optional)
  • NEMA 12 electrical box mounted to rear of TDB-3072 (for light fixture, surge protector, fume collector, input power; all single phase)
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